Spring 2018 Workshop Schedule

We're excited to share our Spring 2018 workshop schedule!

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Event Date Location
Introduction to Beekeeping Friday, March 2 CFB Tucson
Wormania! Saturday, March 3 CFB Tucson
Natural Plasters Saturday, March 10 Las Milpitas de Cottonwood
Backyard Chickens Saturday, March 24 CFB Tucson
Pest Management and Grasshopper Control Saturday, March 31 CFB Tucson
Building Healthy Soil Solves Everything! Saturday, April 7 CFB Tucson
Wormania! Thursday, April 12 CFB Tucson
Vegetable Fermentation Friday, April 13 The Garden Kitchen
Edible Mushroom Cultivation Saturday, April 14 Las Milpitas de Cottonwood
Mexican Vegan Cooking Friday, April 20 The Garden Kitchen
Compost Teas and Natural Fertilizers Saturday, April 21 CFB Tucson
Harvesting Change Tuesday, April 24 CFB Tucson
Tomato Tasting! Friday, May 4 CFB Tucson
Irrigation Basics Saturday, May 19 Las Milpitas de Cottonwood
Grey Water Irrigation Saturday, May 26 CFB Tucson