Participating in Grocery Rescue

Partners can work with us and serve their clients better by participating in our Grocery Rescue program. Agencies pick up donations directly from neighborhood grocery stores and restaurants, and bring it back for their own use. This way, our partner agencies can secure more food faster for their clients.

Why partner with us?

Serve Your Clients Better & Faster

  • By picking up donated food directly from a grocery store or restaurant, you are reducing the time that food will spend being transported, sorted, and stored. Your clients will get fresher food, faster.

Save Staff & Volunteer Time

  • Many grocery stores donate enough product to fulfill your needs, so you may be able to reduce your visits to Agency Market, or stop coming altogether!
  • We connect you to stores in your neighborhood to reduce travel time.

Build Your Capacity

  • We can help you secure the equipment, resources, and training you need to participate in retail donation pick-ups.
  • We can be your back-up solution in problem-solving and logistics.