"It's so meaningful to know that people really do care."

Beth's Story


I spent six years in prison for forgery and identity theft.

When I first came home I was hopeful. I thought someone would hire me and give me a chance. But no one did. I lost hope pretty quickly when I couldn’t find a job. It felt like I had destroyed my whole life.

Then I saw an ad for Caridad. It sounded too good to be true. But I applied anyway and I was accepted, and it changed my life.

Caridad is an amazing program. I tell everybody about it. It taught me the skills I needed to get a job and keep a job, and it gave me an amazing support system. It’s been so meaningful in my life, to know that people really do care. If I need anything, they’re here for me.

I was a drug addict for years. For anyone else who might be in a situation like me, thinking they can’t go anywhere in life, I just want them to know that there is hope. That you can change your life.


Three years after graduating from Caridad Community Kitchen's culinary training program, Beth returned to Caridad as the Supervisor of the Senior Meals program, which prepares over 30,000 healthy meals each month for homebound seniors. She's excited to give back to the community that helped her turn her life around. 

Beth is a 2014 graduate of Caridad Community Kitchen. Since graduating, she has worked as the head chef for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona summer camp and for the University of Arizona catering department.