"I just need to be doing something"

Dena's Story

It’s been rocky. With my first husband, it was always paycheck to paycheck kind of living. We ended up being on Food Stamps for a while when my kids were little. When we separated and divorced, I was on my own. I ended up getting a job as a Diet Technician, but family issues became a problem. So I stayed home to focus on the kids.

More recently, my current husband got laid off and we started clearing out houses after estate sales. But selling on eBay and at flea markets is really hard work. Then in 2008, the financial crash happened. I pulled through as long as I could, but eBay wasn’t pulling in enough money.

Trying to find another job has just been really hard. I couldn’t get a job at Walmart. I expected the interview to be so easy, but it wasn’t. I love cooking, so I joined the Caridad program. I can handle the work in front of me. I just need to be doing something.

Dena is a graduate of the Caridad Culinary Training Program. She has also participated in the Community Food Bank’s Garden Program and Emergency Food Box Program.