"That's the thing I really appreciate about the Food Bank--how much they care."

Laurel's Story

We bring produce to several Farmers’ Markets, but the Food Bank’s is my favorite. You can tell that people enjoy being there and care about getting local food to those who don’t usually have access to it. That’s the thing that I really appreciate about the Food Bank—how much they care.

When we sell at the market, we adjust our price points to make it more accessible. The Food Bank’s market is really available to so many people in the community—they really make sure that everyone can get fresh, local food.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the vegetables we sell, and people really appreciate that. Kids will come up and grab a bunch of carrots and be amazed and say, “Look! This is a real carrot that came from the ground!” It’s great to see that.

Sometimes we have food left over from the market, so it goes to Caridad Community Kitchen, where it’s turned into meals that go out into the community. So the food never goes to waste—I think that’s amazing.

Laurel is the harvest manager at Sleeping Frog Farms in Cascabel, Arizona, a community farm that sells fresh produce at the Community Food Bank’s Farmers’ Markets.