"The gardening program absolutely changed my life."

Marty's Story

There's a hereditary factor. My mom, my dad, and my sister all passed away. My sister passed at 52 from heart disease and diabetes. My oldest sister is a diabetic also and she's on dialysis because she quit taking care of herself. I had to do CPR on my mom several times just before she died. We had the paramedics at our house one or two times a week. All my father's family died of heart disease. 

The gardening program absolutely changed my life. It started me thinking about my health because there were so many things wrong with me. My diabetes was out of control. After going to the workshops, I went on a vegetarian diet, and I lost thirty pounds. My diabetes is very much under control right now. I've joined some vegan groups. I've started exercising. I walk five miles a day now. And I've just really, really changed my lifestyle.