"Being here made me feel like I was capable of making a difference."

Max's Story

The Youth Farm Project is an incredible introduction to the world of sustainability and food justice.  I think it’s really important to Tucson because it creates a space for young people to feel empowered, give back, and learn how to protect the future of their community.


The reason I come back is not because I want to get credit for it, but because I want to see this bean hedge grow from a bunch of seeds that we sorted to this beautiful hedge of plants. Or because I want to cook and share things that we have grown. When you start growing and learning, you really become invested in it. You want to go back.


I found that being here made me feel like I was capable of making a difference. It’s a space where I could get really passionate about sustainability and farming, and it’s definitely shaped who I’ve become. It has helped me push myself to do better in school. I’m still figuring out what’s next for me, but it’s definitely going to involve making space to give back to the community.

Max is an alumnus of the Youth Farm Project. He participated in the program in its first year at Las Milpitas Community Farm and has been involved with the program ever since. After 8 months at the farm, Max felt so at home that he didn’t want to leave, and he became a market ambassador.