"Our food bank is one of the leaders in the nation."

Punch's Story

I remember seeing a little boy with his mom walking out with a food box, and this car rattles up and the little boy calls out, “Daddy, Daddy, we’ve got some food!” That really sold me on what we’re about. I mean, a child is that excited about a food box. That experience has stuck with me.

Food banking is about collecting and distributing food, but moving beyond that and expanding programs like school meals, and dealing with issues like food stamps and WIC, is most effective in the long run.

I’m most proud and pleased with how the Community Food Bank has evolved from simply gathering and distributing food to focusing on the whole social gamut of it. Our Food Bank is one of the leaders in the nation in terms of diversity of trying to support the issue of hunger, and trying to end hunger in the sense of advocacy, and gardening, and different food programs.

Punch Woods was CEO of the Community Food Bank for 25 years. During this time, he helped in a variety of areas, from packing, loading, and delivering food boxes to raising funds and speaking to the community about the organization.