"I'm inspired every day when I come to work."

Robert's Story

Hunger is a very personal thing for me. When I was young, my dad developed brain cancer, so my mom was the breadwinner for the family.  She was a hard-working teacher and we never went hungry, but I know it was a struggle for her. I think it can be humiliating to have to ask others for help when a person works hard, so I’m passionate about upholding dignity.

We treat people with dignity, respect, and sensitivity to their situation and create a space for them to feel welcome, whether it’s for emergency food provision or some of our “shortening the line” work.  We do address the immediate needs of folks, but we also do a lot of work to help people support themselves and be self-sufficient.

It’s about economic health, financial health, the community’s health. I love to sit down with folks and talk about ideas and think about ways to make them happen. That process of moving from an idea to something concrete is exciting.  I’m inspired every day when I come to work, because I can say that we are truly committed to both feeding people now and supporting the future of the community.

Robert Ojeda is the Chief Programs Officer for the Community Food Bank. In his role, he supports managers and directors in providing support to all the Food Bank programs, which include emergency food services and self-sufficiency programs.