"The best volunteering is the kind that comes from the heart."

Rosa's Story

My husband died and I had three children. I was pregnant with the fourth at that time. I was struggling, and there were people who helped me when I needed it most. I told them that one day I would pay them back. I would pay it forward.

The joy of making somebody happy fills me with gratitude. The best volunteering is the kind that comes from the heart. Not because you are going to get anything out of it, but because you are going to be serving the less fortunate. You have to realize that for some people, maybe it is their first time at the Food Bank or maybe they are very proud. You have to make them feel good about themselves. That’s the most important thing.

We’re all human beings. We have to respect each other, and we have to help each other. I volunteer all I can. I think I’m still paying it forward, from all those years ago.

Rosa is a volunteer at the Community Food Bank who moved to the United States in 1978.