"Thank God for the Food Bank. My kids are healthy."

Rosie's Story

I know I'm not going to make any more money. No one wants to hire a 62-year-old. I've tried every job market. Thank God for the Food Bank. My kids are healthy. They're strong. 

I've raised my five grandkids with the Food Bank and now with my Food Stamps. Before, my Food Stamps were only $76 for the six of us, which was crazy. All my money goes to the bills. 

Before, you could get away with Ramen and some Spam. Six cases of Ramen were $30 and would last three weeks in our house. We survived. But all the extras—cheese, cereal, milk—that was a treat. The kids couldn't wait every month to come to the Food Bank. They said it was to help me, but really it was to look in the bags. 

Rosie is 62 years old and originally from Kailua, Hawaii. She has four sons and 23 grandchildren. She has been the guardian of five of her grandchildren since 2005.