"We've really changed the way we eat."

Sugey's Story

There are a lot of things I’d never tried before coming here. The purple bell peppers, the eggplant, the yellow tomatoes. I had never seen them until I came here. You get to choose fresh foods, and you can really taste it. It’s a lot different. You can taste the freshness.

Since I’ve been coming here, I portion out my meals a lot better. I started changing my eating habits.  And people are always willing to offer friendly advice.

My kids love to come. They recognize people—they’ll look for the tomato guy, or the guy who always has peaches, or the lady with eggs. They try samples of fruits and vegetables, and they love them. Every Thursday, my kids ask if we’re going to the market, and they get excited.

We can afford so much more here—we can get $40 worth of food for only $20 with the Double Up SNAP program. And it’s all fresh, local food that you can’t get in stores. It’s amazing, the food we can get.

Sugey goes to the Santa Cruz farmer’s market because of the friendly, helpful atmosphere and the change in health she’s seen in herself and her family. She takes advantage of the Double Up SNAP program available at the market.