Hunger in Arizona

Moving From Hunger to Community Food Security

For 30 years the Community Food Bank has provided emergency and supplemental food for people in our community whose next meal is uncertain. We also know the importance of addressing the root causes of hunger, food insecurity and poverty. Which is why, in addition to meeting immediate food needs, we provide education programs and services that improve family food self reliance, which improves community food security.

We are dedicated to improving our community so all people in Pima County have regular and affordable access to adequate and nutritious food to lead a healthy life… Join Us!


Hunger is . . .Not getting enough food to provide the nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water) for a fully productive and active life. Hunger is having uneasy or painful sensations caused by lack of food. Hunger is the recurrent and involuntary lack of access to food.

Food Insecurity is . . .

Experiencing limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or uncertain economic and physical ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.

Food Security is . . .

“All people at all times having physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs for a productive and healthy life” ( Click here for the USDA’s definition of Food Security )

Community Food Security is . . .

All people at all times have access to safe, nutritious, affordable, adequate and culturally appropriate food.
All people can get their food from non-emergency sources
Food is produced in ways that honor and preserve the environment and the workers who bring it to the marketplace.