Our Approach

Our Challenge
The Issues We Face:

Equal access to healthy food

1.6 million Arizonans do not have reliable access to adequate food for an active, healthy life. These families often have to choose between food and housing, medical care or education. Over 80% have reported they water down their food, or purchase inexpensive, unhealthy food as a coping strategy.

Serious diet-related disease

Poverty is linked to obesity, diabetes and other serious illnesses. More than 50% of the people who visited the CFB in the last 3 years reported a member of their family having either high blood pressure or type-2 diabetes.

Social Isolation

People living in poverty are twice as likely to experience depression and feel isolated from society. This can make social service resources seem inaccessible, and lead to missed economic opportunity and feelings of hopelessness.

Lack of Economic Opportunity

The U.S. ranks high for income and wealth inequality among high wealth countries. In southern Arizona, there are just not enough high paying jobs to provide opportunity for working poor families to lift themselves out of poverty. 60% of people who visit the CFB report they are employed. Many of those who are not employed are seniors or have a disability.

Our Approach

We Partner


We distribute fresh produce and non-perishable food to a vast network of community partners throughout the state and across the country. We collaborate with local agencies, health institutions and government to revitalize neighborhoods and build a stronger food economy.

We Support


Recognizing food is just the beginning, we provide nutrition education, offer garden workshops, teach culinary skills and help low-income food entrepreneurs with funding and business development planning.

We Advocate


We provide training, leadership development and civic engagement opportunities to empower individuals to make real and lasting changes that affect their health and well-being. We promote sound policies and practices that help lift people out of poverty and strengthen our food system.

We Convene


We convene leaders from local and national organizations to share best practices, discuss critical issues related to hunger and launch actionable plans and partnerships to end hunger and cultivate a more just food system.

Our Strategy
We bring together...

Health and




Development build a healthy, hunger-free community.