backyard growers sell their produce at CFB Farmers' Markets

Common Questions

Where does this food come from?

Almost all of the food sold at our markets is grown, raised, and produced right here in southern Arizona by small to mid-size farmers and producers in a sustainable, chemical-free way. There is a lot of diversity about how people grow and produce products, and each producer would be happy to share their growing practices with you.

How can I pay? 

We accept cash, credit, debit, SNAP (formerly food stamps), and Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and WIC checks. All of our vendors take cash, and we can run any card you have in exchange for tokens or bills that all our vendors can accept. For credit or debit, we issue wooden tokens in $5 denominations, and all vendors can give you cash change for these so you'll never lose any money. We do charge a $1 transaction fee for credit or debit to cover our transaction costs. For SNAP, we issue $1 Market vouchers and there is no transaction fee; we also provide a free dollar-to-dollar ‘match’ for SNAP transactions—this means that we will provide additional vouchers for every dollar spent, up to $20, on a SNAP card, which doubles your purchasing power at the market.

Is the food here more expensive than the grocery store?

Some of the food here will be more expensive than traditional food in the grocery store because it was grown without pesticides and with fair wages to farm workers. However, foods that are in season locally right now or native to this area are likely to be less expensive than grocery stores. Plus, the food sold at our markets has been recently harvested which means it is fresh and retains more nutrients. And if that’s not enough, you can feel good knowing that the money spent at our Farmers’ Markets stays local with small farmers and businesses.

Who runs the Farmers’ Market?

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona runs the Market with the mission of strengthening our community’s health and economy through promoting access to fresh healthy food accessible to people of all income levels.

How is this related to the mission of the Community Food Bank?

The mission of the Community Food Bank is to change lives in the communities we serve by feeding the hungry today and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow. Our Farmers’ Markets promote community and food security by creating a welcoming space where people of all income levels can purchase fresh, healthy food with all types of payment. Our markets also support our vendors, who are all small business people, to earn a living, which increases self-sufficiency and local economic development, thus reducing the need for hunger assistance.