Cultural Diversity Day 2023: What Brings Us Together?


“I believe the greatest conflict of the century, the greatest conflict of our time, is that people from different cultures, different races, different religions, simply refuse to accept each other and especially, to love one another.” 

– United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Since 2002, May 21st has been observed and celebrated as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, also simply referred to as Cultural Diversity Day. Why do we celebrate this day? 

UNESCO’s goal in creating this day of observance is for everyone to take the time to immerse ourselves in each other’s cultures in order to better understand one another. 

Tucson is rich in history, art, and culture but specifically, through food. In 2015, Tucson was the first city to be recognized as a UNESCO city of Gastronomy. 

According to UNESCO, Tucson has the “longest agricultural history of any city in the United States.” In Tucson, food comes with a deep understanding of the land that we live on. Food brings people together, and it can help us communicate in a way that words can not. 

WATCH: World Day for Cultural Diversity and for Dialogue and Development – YouTube