Pride Month Partner Highlight: Mariposas sin Fronteras

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Pride Month gives us a chance to take a deeper look at some of our partners and the work they do in the community. Our partnership with Mariposas sin Fronteras supports their work to provide stable resources for LGBTQIJ+ migrants recently released from immigration detention centers in the southwest US/Mexico border region, as well as those living in the Tucson area. 

Mariposas sin Fronteras or as some may know it, Casa Mariposa, is an organization dedicated to providing moral, legal, and economic resources to support and defend LGBTQIJ+ people from detention and deportation. Mariposas is run entirely by volunteers, many of the core members are their “compes” (what they call LGBTQIJ+ people they currently support/have supported).

Mariposas sin Fronteras’ mission “demands and fights for a world where all trans and LGBTIQ+ people exist with the full right to happiness, health, and safety, and have access to all the resources to be able to live their lives according to what they want.” 

The folks at Casa Mariposas said they “identified a need for tangible support and resources for LGBTQIJ+ migrants” who experience systemic violence and oppressions in detention centers and beyond.

They offer resources such as housing, mental health referrals, food vouchers, rental assistance and more. “In 2017, MSF opened Casa Mariposa: a house in Tucson, AZ that provides transitional housing to LGBTQIJ+ folks who have recently been released from detention centers. Casa Mariposa can house up to 8 people in transition, in addition to offering a community kitchen and workshop space. This house is currently in renovations with hopes of opening fully in 2023.”

Casa Mariposas is currently one of the few of its kind in the Southern Arizona area. Working together with Casa Mariposas we can reach more people and get them the help they need. We are very grateful for this partnership. 

Though we are wrapping up Pride Month with this feature, it is important to remember that support and work for the LGBTQIJ+ community is needed year-round. For more information about Casa Mariposas, visit their website