"After working for 28 years, I lost it all."

Glen's Story

For 28 years I had my own company here in Tucson. Then one stupid blood clot rearranged everything. Part of my heart will not come back. I can't work anymore. 

I was in the hospital for about three and a half months. I lost my six employees. I lost my house, my office, and my two trucks. When they gave me my exit from the hospital, I was out on the streets. After living high on the hog, owning my own company, I had nothing. It only took three and a half months. 

It's tough on the streets. Where do you get toilet paper? Where do you cook your food? People take it for granted that they've got a bed to sleep in. And if they've got to go to the restroom they go into a room in their house. Thank God, I've been able to pick myself up. I'm so thankful to the Food Bank, because I would have starved. At least I'm alive. 

Glen is a Tucson native who currently lives in a close-knit trailer park. He collects a food box at the Community Food Bank once a month.