"I'm rich in other ways."

Sara's Story

I grew up poor. One day my sister and I went to the cupboard because we hadn't had lunch. We found little pieces of spaghetti that had gotten loose from the package on the shelf, and a drop of honey. That was a feast. 

For years, I bought clearance vegetables and marked-down meat. It kept us afloat. I've also harvested prickly pear, fiddlehead ferns, and mushrooms. I don't think there's anything that we can grow that I can't figure out a way to use. 

But I'm rich in other ways. I have friends that I dearly love who care about me. It's fulfilling every day knowing that I'm helping somebody else. That's a big thing.

Sara has been volunteering at food banks since she was in high school. She is currently a volunteer and client at Our Neighbor's Pantry, a partner agency in Safford.